Ann Baer


About the Artist

Artist Statement

I am a collector of old, broken, and discarded wood products, plus a few other things that I may, someday, (or not) use in an art piece. I dumpster dive, frequent Goodwill, scrounge from friends and scour the streets on garbage days.


My creative space is packed with wood bowls, knife racks, chair legs and miscellaneous ephemera. Much of it still seems usable, but out of date or chipped, so it is cast away. These interesting, sometimes unattractive objects and dismantled parts find new relevance in my hands as I use them to create new beings and personas. 

I use my passion and emotions in creating both sculptures and paintings. As an abstract expressionist, I begin my work with writing, and transform the paintings into reflections of my feelings. As in my 3d work, I use a brilliant palette. Sometimes I have a concept to begin with and other times it evolves as the pieces fall into place.  All the themes have meaning to me in the end and relate to my ideals, beliefs, history, and philosophy.


Ann Baer Is a Wisconsin artist whose vibrant palette comes to life in her abstract paintings. In addition to her extensive experience as an abstract expressionist on canvas, Baer extends her practice to colorful three dimensional works created from recycled/upcycled materials..


Baer received her BA in Art Education from Cardinal Stritch University and has a Master of Science degree from UW-Milwaukee. 

Prior to serving 20 years as an Art Specialist with Milwaukee Public Schools, Ann worked for 17 years as a graphic designer. During those combined years she honed her skills as a fine artist, creating and exhibiting  in galleries, art fairs, and store fronts. Currently a full-time professional artist, Ann volunteers extensively for a variety of organizations, including the Alzheimer's Association and Memories in the Making.Her work is included in numerous private and corporate collections.