Here's a beautifully turned Cherry bowl in an elegant oblonged shape. A sculptural piece as a stand-alone, or a beautiful bowl to hold small items. 

Cherry Bowl

  • Care of Bowl: This cherry bowl needs to cure for 4-6 months. Avoid placing objects in the bowl as they can leave shadows until the piece has cured. The bowl can be wiped out with a damp cloth, do not submerse in water, and dry it after it has been wiped.  Do not use furniture polish on the bowl, it will dissolve the wax finish.  Dusting the bark and voids can be done with compressed air or keyboard cleaner (spray can of compressed air).  Direct sunlight can bleach out the color of a bowl.  Can be used for dry foods (bread, fruit, candy) but not soups or salads.

  • H - 7" / W - 17" / L - 13.5"