Robert Zondag

About the Artist


Robert Zondag is a Wisconsin-based artist with a current focus on hand-colored prints (relief printing), mixed-media collage, watercolor and acrylic. Having studied both the Chinese and Japanese art forms of printmaking and watercolor brush-technique, Zondag is on a quest to convey meaning through simplicity of form and use of color.  

Print Making

Although the advent of technology has reduced the use of relief printing, it is one of the earliest methods of reproducing works of art. It involves taking an impression from one object transferring it onto paper with ink.  Through this process, Zondag explores the same set of images across a series; each being redefined through the process to become a unique work.

Transforming a drawing into a print involves multiple steps. This hands-on experience allows Zondag to recognize both positive and negative space within the drawing.   His work seeks to reduce the image to its most essential elements. The majority of his prints are done using linoleum, wood or similar material.


While relief printing focuses on re-creating a similar image, Zondag’s work in collage provides the opportunity to create new images through the use of found objects and other mixed media. The ever-evolving media flowing into and out of his studio provides a unique vantage of creation through combination and absurdity.


Watercolor / Acrylic

When working with watercolor and acrylic, the artist seeks to explore his native landscape and the animals, both wild and domestic, around him.  Zondag finds watercolor to be a medium that allows for subtleties not provided for by other mediums while the use of acrylic provides a physical interaction in applying the brushstrokes to the canvas.


Robert Zondag’s works are found in both private and corporate collections both locally and internationally.  He has exhibited in numerous shows, including the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design’s Open Canvas.  In the fall of 2017, a retrospective of his work was presented at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater’s  Roberta Avonn Fiskum Art Gallery.  

Committed to fostering art and the creative economy in his community, the artist is on the board of the Milwaukee Artist Resource Network.  

Robert Zondag is currently represented by Gallery 2o7 located in the Marshall Building in downtown Milwaukee.