Sara Risley


The most striking feature of my work is color-- bright, intense, and vibrant. In my photographic art, the color might come from the subject matter or might be revealed when layering or saturating many images. I further explore color and expression through alcohol ink paintings. Often my paintings become source material for my photographic art. In both art forms, I hope viewers will be drawn to the images or colors that appeal to them. The intensity of the color can lure the viewer in to witness the often intricate details of lines and shapes within.

I approach photography in an exploratory manner. Using my camera and I-phone non-traditionally, I look for ways to make the mundane exceptional and then experiment on the computer until I feel the final piece has been revealed. 

Sara Risley Print 3.jpg
Not Always, ltd series, 1/25
Twin Moon, Ltd series 2/25
Flora 1, ltd series 2/25