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Stacy is a self-taught Milwaukee artist working primarily in mixed media sculpture and collage. She lives and works a short walk from the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan.


Using polymer clay, paper mâché and paint, she brings new "life" to inanimate objects, thrift store treasures, old paintbrushes, discarded musical instruments, to name a few.

These whimsical and poignant characters are created using only her hands and a few small tools. Each silent face shows up with a story, a secret, a message.


Studio time has evolved into a mindfulness practice for her, an exercise in being fully present in the moment. Here she can immerse her attention in the tactile quality of the clay, the richness and variety of color, the consistency of the paint on her brush… The studio is her temple, the creative process her meditation.

Zen Pilot
Dream Surfer
Tiny Solo
Hand Built Mugs.jpg
Hand Painted Red Jug.jpg